Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Janey to make big changes

The Post has the skinny on some sweeping changes new Superintendent Janey plans on enacting.
Clifford B. Janey, the District's new school superintendent, said yesterday that he is considering closing underutilized schools, giving students more time to graduate and hiring a private company to temporarily run such operations as facilities, purchasing and food service.

Janey, the school system's fifth permanent leader in nine years, mentioned those possibilities during a wide-ranging discussion with reporters and editors of The Washington Post. He cautioned that improvement will not come quickly to the long-troubled system, and he was unsparing in his assessment of its deficiencies.

"I've been enormously disappointed in the lack of sound management policies," he said, adding that he was particularly upset about the shabby condition of many school buildings and the inefficient operation of food services. "There will be some dismissals in response to some of these audits that have just painfully pointed to irresponsible actions on the part of certain staff."
Those dismissals are aimed at those in middle management at DCPS who have "direct responsibility for operational failings." Rationalization of grade structure across all public schools, the relationship with the city's charter schools and the rent on DCPS headquarters are other topics Janey covers in the piece. Read the whole thing.

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