Thursday, October 28, 2004

Janey wants Mass. standards

Superintendent Janey has asked the Board of Education to approve adapting the standards, assessments and curriculum currently used in Massachusetts public schools for use in DCPS.
As part of the adaptation process, school officials expect to develop new reading and math tests that will be directly aligned with grade-level teaching and learning expectations. In the meantime, Janey said he expects the school system to continue using the controversial Stanford-9 standardized tests in selected grades next spring.

If the school board approves Janey's recommendation next month, the superintendent expects to convene a working group of teachers, principals, curriculum specialists and parents to customize the academic standards and curriculum frameworks during a three-month drafting process.

At the same time, school officials "will be working intensively with parent organizations to plan and implement a strategy to ensure that the [new] standards are described in ways that make sense to parents, that parents understand how their children's work will be measured, the kinds of supports they can expect from schools, and how parents/families can help at home, after school and in school," according to a timetable provided by school officials.

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