Thursday, November 11, 2004

DCPS: "we have no surplus buildings"

How does one bypass the new law requiring DC to offer its surplus buildings at a 25% discount to charter schools? Refuse to declare any building surplus. At least that's the plan the Mayor and the BoE seem to have. Instead of selling said property the board will rent out its excess property at full price.


Mark Lerner said...

Well, why would they do anthing else? This is what happens when you mess with the free-market.


Nathan said...

Agreed. I suspected that this law would actually hinder DCPS getting rid of excess property than help. Whether or not this was the bill's crafter's intention, I have no idea.

Nathan said...

Oh, and forgot to mention. Instead of selling the properties at full market value and allowing the new owners to redevelop them it looks like DCPS will be getting into the cooperate slum-lord business. Considering how well they maintain their own property to begin with it doesn't bode well for any future leaseholders.