Friday, November 19, 2004

Janey's school tour continues

Superintendent Janey's goal to visit all of DCPS's schools rolls on. This time he visited Coolidge High School and Roosevelt High School, seeing the same, sad results.
A leaky roof at Coolidge has damaged classrooms, and some students said the school has too few bathrooms because of plumbing problems.

"We [also] don't have enough teachers," said Brandon Lyles, 17. "But we have a great marching band."


The tour also included a visit to the roughly 76-year-old Roosevelt High School in the 4300 block of 13th Street NW.

Principal Leari L. Phillip said a wing of the school was without heat for one-and-half years and finally was closed when students wore coats but still sat shivering.
And, of course, shades of one of the real problems plaguing DCPS makes an appearance.
He said, for example, that the $7,000 thermo-pane windows at the roughly 70-year-old Coolidge should have cost no more than $1,000 apiece.
So kids get wet, but "someone who knows someone at DCPS" makes a lot of money on overcharging for work.

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