Thursday, November 18, 2004

Post announces Distinguished Educational Leadership Award recipient

Angela M. Tilghman, the principal at Myrtilla Miner Elementary in North East DC, has been named the winner of the Washington Post's Distinguished Educational Leadership Award for 2004.
One measure of her success is that she has been Miner's principal for more than 12 years, an usually long tenure in the D.C. schools. As in many big city districts, D.C. school superintendents do not last long and their replacements often think the best way to improve failing schools is to move principals around.

But nobody has tried to move Tilghman, 48, for a long time. She has even managed to keep her school functioning while an entirely new building was going up behind the old one. The new school opened in January 2003, and Tilghman is often sought out by other principals who want to know her secret for maintaining learning standards and her sanity during such a project.

Dunbar said Tilghman always looked for extra time to train her staff to teach children from predominantly low-income families. Although some principals would be satisfied with the occasional day of training scheduled by the school district, Tilghman would schedule extra training sessions on weekends and before or after school, Dunbar said.
congratulations to Ms. Tilghman.

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