Thursday, November 18, 2004

Post on Calvin Coolidge Senior High School

The Washington Post continues its series of looking at the condition of DC's public schools. This time Calvin Coolidge Senior High School comes under the spot light.
Once Coolidge, on Fifth Street NW, was a beautiful, filled-to-capacity school with spacious rooms and soaring hallways decorated with marble and solid wood doors. The huge student theater had a state-of-the-art lighting panel.

Today the theater's curtains are ripped, the walls have long-standing water damage, and bulbs are missing from the panel. The theater conditions are symbols of the deterioration caused by years of neglect from officials who promised, over and over, to fix the problems but did too little, according to school staff members, parents and administrators.
For more on the state of DC's public school buildings head on over to Fix Our Schools who do a great job of documenting physical plant problems.


Tom Reardon said...

I graduated from Coolidge in 1964 (via Brightwood and Paul). I currently reside in Sierra Vista, AZ. Many of us "baby boomers" owe a lot to our DC public school education. I would love to volunteer time to "give back," but cannot due to distance. Any other Coolidge alums out there who would like to keep in touch to "brainstorm" ways to mitigate the situation pls let me know.

rburleyjr said...


Contact Marcus Brown
the class of 65 has remained in tact.

Roy Burley