Monday, November 15, 2004

School choice, Prince William style

If you want to see how school choice could effect the DC school system its worth taking a look at Prince William county, who offer more flexibility in school placement than most school districts.
Prince William gives its students more flexibility in choosing schools than do other area districts. Schools throughout the county offer specialties that focus on such subjects as foreign languages, informational technology, math and science or the arts. Students do not have to take a qualifying test to enroll, as all the programs are provided on a space-available basis.

The numbers of transfer students have steadily increased: This year, 3,209 Prince William students attended out-of-boundary schools, compared with 2,484 last year. Prince William has about 66,000 students countywide.

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Anonymous said...

DC has one of the most liberal out-of-boundary policies in the area. All children in DC can apply through the lottery held every year to up to three out-of-boundary schools. So, it seems like we already have a lot of "choices".