Friday, December 17, 2004

Ballou marching band to play the inaugural parade

Some good news for Ballou High school: the Ballou marching band has been selected to play in the presidential inaugural parade on January 20th. DC congressional delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton wrote a letter to President Bush on Dec. 2 asking that the D.C. band be granted the opportunity to participate in the parade and lobbied for Ballou’s selection with high-ranking officials of the Bush administration.

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Gini said...

I know you all aren’t going to need housing (duh!) but you might be able to put me in touch with a band that would….. I have 150 beds in dorm-style houses 90 miles from downtown Washington DC. For a group of students the cost per night is $30 for a group of adults the cost per night is $50. Pretty darn reasonable !! and the dining room serves 3 meals a day, and they’re hearty home-style meals for only $8.50 per person….

Weve plenty of room for practicing, and for turning those big buses around…. Can you tell me what else a band might need? If so, we’ll find it !! If the group is flying in, then our local school system is willing to talk about transporting the group….

So, can you help me get the word out ? or tell me HOW to get the word out ?? We could serve a small marching band, or choral group, etc….. Whatever !!

Thanks for whatever help you can give me…


Gini LaMaster
Concord Retreat