Saturday, December 04, 2004

"Malfeasance pays" or "Example #1987 on why DC is perpetually screwed"

Remember Connie Spinner? She was the Chief of D.C.'s Education Office who resigned earlier this year among numerous scandals involving misallocated funds and other fiscal improprieties. Well, guess who has a new job.
[Ms. Spinner] was hired Aug. 16 for a $105,393-a-year job running an adult-literacy program, which the city moved that month from SEO jurisdiction to the University of the District of Columbia (UDC)
How could this happen? Well, no one seems to really know.
Mayor Anthony A. Williams and UDC President William L. Pollard both ducked responsibility for hiring Ms. Spinner to lead the Mayor's Adult Literacy and Lifelong Learning Initiative, a program that distributes more than $1 million in grants a year.

After spending more than 24 hours researching the genesis of Ms. Spinner's current employment, Williams spokeswoman Sharon Gang said it could not be ascertained who hired her.

"Here's what I found out," Ms. Gang said. "When it was determined that the adult-literacy program would be more appropriately housed and run by UDC, Connie Spinner was hired as a university employee to run the program. She has prior experience in the field of adult education and is qualified to administer the program from UDC."

Ms. Gang said the mayor does not have authority to hire employees at the city's only public university.

However, UDC spokesman Mike Andrews said the mayor hired Ms. Spinner.

"She came as part of the transfer of the program," he said.

"Ms. Spinner came to the university to run the adult-literacy program in the same capacity she held when the program fell under District control," Mr. Andrews said. "The university hired her because she came with the grant that supported the program."
So we have someone with a history of questionable financial decision making being rehired in another position dealing with money and no one can figure out just who hired her. Score another one for accountability.

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