Thursday, December 09, 2004

WaPo's Challenge Index

The Post has updated their Challenge Index for 2004. The Challenge index is defined as
dividing the number of AP or IB tests given by the number of seniors graduating. A rating of 1.000 or higher means the school gave at least as many AP or IB tests as it had graduating seniors.
As you can see, DC ranks low on the scale, but appear to at least be moving in the right direction.
Cardozo High School in the District has gone from 30 AP tests taken in 1999 to 129 this year, in a school where 82 percent of the students qualify for federal lunch subsidies. The number of students scoring high enough to earn college credit on the exams has also increased, but only from zero in 1999 to 12 this year. Seven D.C. schools this year had no students passing an AP test.
On an individual school basis, DC has one school in the top ten (Banneker, #8), another in the top quartile (Wilson, #38) and a few that rank in the middle of the pack (Wash. Math Sci. Tech, #68; School Without Walls, #72; Cardozo, #103; Ellington, #106; Bell Multicultural, #117), but 8 of the botton 13 schools ranked are DC schools.

Private, DC based St. Anselm's Abbey has one of the best challenge index scores at 7.382.

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