Tuesday, January 04, 2005

$1000 grants available for community and youth gardening projects

Garden Resources of Washington are offering grants of up to $1,000 for community & youth gardening projects located in the District of Columbia.
Do you have a gardening or beautification project in mind for a vacant lot, school, shelter, park, seniors center, after-school program, church, community center, park or other neighborhood location in DC? GET STARTED NOW! Form a leadership team with neighbors and colleagues and plan the project.

Who can apply? Neighborhood & youth groups, schools, civic associations, churches, nursing homes, shelters, transitional housing, community gardens, etc. -- greening projects as learning gardens, healing gardens, neighborhood beautifications, community gardens, tree box beautifications, etc.

How can funds be used? For gardening supplies, seeds, plants, tools, educational materials, community outreach, and project celebrations, not stipends, salaries, or contractor fees.

Selection Criteria include shared leadership; realistic project plan, timeline & budget; long-term sustainability plan; tie-in to agency mission; and for youth projects -- curriculum tie-in. Special consideration will be given to projects involving low-income DC residents and those living in poverty. Projects involving youth and edible plantings will need to obtain a soil test.

TO GET ADVICE about your PROJECT and HELP WITH your APPLICATION, contact GROW at grow19@aol.com or 202-234-0591.

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