Friday, January 14, 2005

Browne students attacking Friendship Edison students

WUSA Channel 9 has a disturbing report about students attending the Friendship Edison public charter middle school being attacked as they are leaving school each afternoon. The attackers appear to be students from the nearby Browne Junior High. Some of these attacks have resulted in broken bones, and one incident last Friday that involved 50 or so students from Browne attacking exiting Friendship Edison students en mass has prompted the city to beef up police presence in the area.

The video report can be viewed here.

(Hat tip Casey Lartigue)

Update: Corrected the text. It should have read Browne Junior High, not Brown Middle School (two totally different schools).


Anonymous said...

How can I forget Browne Junior High? That was my first school assignment as a new teacher. I had a traumatic experience when a student attacked me with a sharpened pencil during my second day poked it on my throat and told me "do you want me to cut your throat with this?". You bet, I never went back to Browne JHS ever again.

Andrea- current Wilson SHS student said...

This is crazy and scary at the same time. I am planning to attend Friendship Edison this coming school year as a tenth grader.