Wednesday, January 19, 2005

DC Teaching Fellows redux

At least once or twice a week someone will stumble across this site while searching for DC Teaching Fellows, whose mission is to help DC public schools by training professionals to become teachers.

Last week I had the opportunity to attend an information session about the DC Teaching Fellows hosted by Ayana Malone, DCTF Program Director and Jacqueline Greer, DCTF Program Associate at DCPS headquarters on 825 North Capital. The session serves as an introduction to the program for interested individual, covering the program’s requirements, goals and expectations. The application process was covered in detail.

The session was well attended, with about 30-40 interested individuals. The meeting was concluded with a Q&A session with Monique Green who was a member of the inaugural DCTF class and currently a special education teacher within DCPS.

All three of the DCTF presenters were very honest with the attendees about the difficulties they would face in DCTF and acknowledged the problems with DCPS as a whole. But they also noted the improvements the District school system they see as of late, which is an encouraging sign. Ms. Green pointed out that as a DCTF graduate and DCPS teacher the positives of her job far outweigh the negatives. Ms. Malone quoted a retention rate of 67% for graduating Fellows (percentage of DCTF participants who are still teaching in the District after 4 years), which is higher than the average for these types of programs. All in all the session provided a more positive perspective on the program than the previous observations.

If you are interested in learning more about the DC Teaching Fellows the next information session will be held at Wednesday, January 26 at noon, or you can visit their website.


Anonymous said...

Ayana Malone is a liar!

Nathan said...

Could the poster please expand on that accusation?