Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Dead last

The American Legislative Exchange Council has published their 2004 Report Card on American Education, which ranks spending and staffing and compares those numbers with student performance on various tests. The results are not all that encouraging for the District: dead last. While the District ranked second in per-pupil spending and in the top quartile in teacher pay and the pupil-to-teacher ratio in each of the three academic achievement measurements the District was at the bottom of the list. You can read all the grizzly details here.


Katie said...

Keep in mind that D.C., a *city*, is being compared to *states.* It would be interesting to compare D.C. to other large cities.

Tim said...

DC Kids Count 2004 Report did an analysis comparing District students to those in 9 other urban areas (Atlanta, LA, Cleveland, Chicago, Boston, Houston, San Diego, NYC, and Charlotte). The study used the NAEP tests for reading and math in 4th and 8th grade. DC students in each grade scored lower on average for math than their counterparts in each of the nine other cities. For reading, DC 4th grade students had lower average scores than nine of the other cities, and 8th grade students had lower average scores than eight of the nine other cities. (LA was by 5 points)