Monday, May 09, 2005

Extreme Makeover: DCPS edition

I don't know whether this should be construed as a good or bad thing.
"Extreme Makeover: Home Edition," the ABC television show that each week renovates an unsuspecting family's run-down and ugly house, is planning to whip up some magic for a D.C. public school teacher this fall.

The fashion-challenged teacher will get a personal makeover -- new clothes, makeup and hairstyle -- as well as a facelift of his or her classroom, the show's sponsors announced last week. They said it will be up to students, teachers and others to nominate the educator most deserving of the help.

The classroom makeover will involve basic repairs, said Michael Moloney, an interior designer on the show. Don't expect mauve chalkboards, zebra-patterned swivel chairs or a chemistry lab with midnight-blue granite countertops.

"It will be everything from painting to lighting to flooring, to plaster and drywalls, to fixing broken windows, to interesting designs tailored to the teachers," he said. "Everything touched will be left immaculate and brought up to 2005 standards with bells and whistles."
Depending on how this is presented in the TV show highlighting the borderline criminal state of DCPS facilities has the potential to be a real embarrassment for DCPS. Whether this is a good thing or not I leave up to the reader.

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