Friday, May 20, 2005

Lockridge seeks co-location delay

DC School Board member William Lockridge (District 4) is seeking to delay the implementation of space sharing between select DCPS facilities and charter schools.
"Whatever we [decide to] do, let's do it. But I just don't think we're ready to do it in September," Lockridge said during a meeting tonight at Bunker Elementary School in Brookland to discuss the co-location plan.

"We need a lot of thought on this. …Our kids are going to have to live with the decisions we make," he said.

Charter schools also will be rushed trying to retrofit a current D.C. Public Schools facility to meet their needs by the start of the next school year, Lockridge said.


Rather than move charter schools into DCPS facilities now, only to be faced with the possibility of moving them out again, Lockridge said the school system should wait until the master education plan is completed -- when officials will have a better idea of the total available space.

Cornell Brown, executive director of facilities management for D.C. Public Schools, said the immediacy of the plan reflects the charter schools' pressing need for facilities.
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