Tuesday, May 03, 2005

What's going on at Jefferson Junior High?

Last year Jefferson High School had its principal, Deborah Holmes, removed from her position and vice principal W. Lloyd Reeves was handed the reins as a caretaker principal until another could be found. Why was Ms. Holmes removed? No one's quite sure, but it has set off one heck of an uproar at the southwest school.
Since he has been there, many of the teachers have been "unhappy" with his performance at the school, said one local resident who is active in the Jefferson school community and asked not to be named.

Until March, for example, Reeves could not access school funds to provide to teachers so they could purchase supplies, because he did not have a special password required to authorize the expenses. Gloria Grantham, assistant superintendent for middle schools and junior high schools, told parents and teachers at a meeting of Jefferson’s Parent-Teacher Association that Reeves did not go through a training process required to obtain the password, said PTA President Joan McIver.

Grantham did not respond to calls for comment and Reeves referred all questions to the D.C. Public Schools communications department.

Teachers also complained that a 7th grade English class at the school has not received a permanent instructor during the entire school year. The class receives a range of substitutes, most frequently the school librarian, or spends the period in the auditorium with other teacher-less classes, where they are monitored by an assistant principal, according to the local resident who requested anonymity.

McIver said an average of 10 teachers call in sick each day because of the problems at the school.

In addition to the school's academic and governance issues, McIver said facilities problems are constantly plaguing the school, such as a leaky roof, bathroom stalls without doors and computers that don’t work because of faulty wiring.
The straw that apparently broke the camel's back was a brawl in the school on April 22 that broke out among a bunch of girls (apparently over boys. [Trust me ladies, we're not worth all that trouble]). This led to a before school protest attended by 20-odd parents, teachers and community representatives on the 25th.

Many thanks to Anonymous for first brining this to our attention.

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Anonymous said...

I recently enrolled in DCPS, and am attending Jefferson. Though it has been 2 years since the protest has occered, I still see no change in Jefferson. The studens are almost always out of controll and talk back to teachers in the most rude ways. I am very, very displeased that this is DC's "best proforming school." I believe is is a disgrace to DCPS. I also believe that this school needs more teachers, sercurity, and money in general, DC really needs to think about where they invest their money.