Wednesday, June 15, 2005

CD's Wennersten and the WTU scandal

Three cheers for Matt Wennersten, The Common Denominator's education columnist. Apparently he was the first to raise a stink about the ten-fold increase in WTU dues that were extracted from members paychecks that led to the investigation that uncovered the embezzlement of funds by Barbara A. Bullock and other officials at the Union. Testifying at latest case Wennersten said he first wrote to the WTU in June of 2002 demanding a refund for the over charge. According to his own calculations the dues withheld should have been $16, not the $160 that appeared on his paycheck.
It was after he threatened to go to the American Federation of Teachers, the WTU's national parent organization, that he said he received a refund, but many teachers who decided not to complain "to this day...have not gotten their money back," Wennersten said.
Prosecutors claim the dues hike was to cover union debts caused by the misuse of funds. The defense attorneys claim that it was simply an error.

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