Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Charter news

Here's the latest District charter school news:
  • Via Mark Lerner: SouthEast Academy has had its charter revoked by the DC Public Charter School Board.
    The revocation process had been started by the Board at the conclusion of their five year review of this school. The Board was prepared to allow SouthEast Academy to operate for an additional year if they replaced their Board of Directors and administrators. I guess the school decided it didn't want to do this and so at a meeting last night the charter was revoked.
    Previous coverage here.

  • From the latest FOCUS D.C. Public Charter School Bulletin comes word that eight charter school applications have made the DC Public Charter School Board's first cut.
    The D.C. Public Charter School Board last night voted to permit eight applicant groups to move forward on the long and difficult road to opening a public charter school in the fall of 2006; 11 applications were rejected outright. Four of the successful applicants gained "conditional approval," which in the past has been a near-guarantee of final approval. The remaining four were given "first-stage clearance," requiring them to significantly revise their applications for resubmission in September. Of the eight successful applicant groups, six participated fully in FOCUS?s comprehensive charter school startup program and an additional group took advantage of certain elements of the program.

    The eight potential schools:

    • Friendship Tech (9th-12th; college prep for technical careers)
    • Academic International (prek-8th; international/holistic education using the James Comer model)
    • Septima Clark (preschool-8th; challenging academic education for boys)
    • D.C. Latin (pre-kindergarten-8th; classical education)
    • Washington Latin (5th-12th; classical education)
    • City Collegiate (6th-12th; rigorous standards-based education for adolescents)
    • Dorothy Height Community (pre-kindergarten-8th; rigorous academics east of the river)
    • Education Strengthens Families (preschool and adults: family literacy model)

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