Thursday, June 16, 2005

City leaders go to the hill

It was "testify before congress" day for DC city leaders as the subcommittee on DC appropriations held a hearing about the District's finances. Mayor Williams and Superintendent Janey were among those were questioned at the hearing and DCPS was a topic of interest.
"We simply must do better," [subcommittee's chairman Sen. Sam Brownback of Kansas] said.

He noted that more than a third of adults in the city are illiterate and said that if the city fails its children, it will fail future generations.

Brownback said he believes closing or consolidating some of the District's schools is critical to improving the city's school system. Selling or leasing underused schools would provide more money to rehabilitate other aging buildings, Landrieu and Brownback agreed.

D.C. leaders appeared receptive to the idea, acknowledging that many city schools have declining enrollments. Still, they said the topic could provoke outrage from students, teachers and parents.
As Superintendent Janey pointed out deciding which schools to close / consolidate isn't the difficult problem; following through is. DC has shown a lack of political will to enact these types of measures.

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Mari said...

Yes, 'cause some community group will just butt in and make it all difficult and stuff when it comes to selling off school property. Not that community folks don't have a right, they do, but they can get quite demanding of what is to happen to school property. Woe be it when they decide the school is 'historic'.