Friday, June 10, 2005

DCPS security circus continues

The security saga around DCPS continues to churn out inches of newsprint. In the latest twist to the tale the $15 million contract to (apparently bankruptcy risk) Hawk One Security Inc. has been put on hold. It seems that the previous contractor, Watkins Security of D.C. Inc. (who had plenty of their own problems), has filed an appeal of the award which automatically halts the contract until the appeal is heard.
The District has 20 days to respond to the challenge by Watkins Security of D.C. Inc. The appeal cites Hawk One's unpaid federal income taxes and previously undisclosed testimony by top school and police officials in seeking to overturn the contract award.

In a Nov. 18 deposition, the Metropolitan Police Department's deputy chief administrative officer — Margaret Poethig, who headed the school security contract's evaluation panel — noted several problems early in the contract selection process.

According to the deposition, Miss Poethig said she confronted Police Chief Charles H. Ramsey about misgivings.

She testified that she told Chief Ramsey "about how incredibly impossible and ridiculous this was and how I was not qualified, nor did I have the resources, nor did I think it was a good idea for numerous reasons to do it this way and please don't make me do it and everything else."

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