Monday, June 27, 2005

How many kids graduated from DCPS?

A couple of weeks ago the Common Denominator noted that DCPS teachers were not contractually obligated to turn in grades until June 21st, the last day of the school year, and this was causing some confusion around diplomas and commencement ceremonies, most of which took place one to two weeks prior. Today they have a follow-up and it doesn't look like things have gotten much clearer. [2nd story down]
"The schools are still updating the database with grades, and we have not completed the run of report cards," D.C. Public Schools spokeswoman Roxanne Evans told The Common Denominator on June 24. "In other words, we do not yet have accurate permanent records of all of our 12th grade students."
So when can we expect to see some finalized data?
"According to NCLB, we are required to verify our data," Evans said. "We are now going through the process of verifying our data on graduates. We will then return the data to the principals for their review. When the data is complete and accurate, it will be released."
Which, going by DCPS's track record, can mean somewhere between a few weeks and never.

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