Friday, June 03, 2005

Its private school vs. voucher parent

In a story slightly stranger than your average education story one parent of three Rock Creek International School students is fighting with the school to allow two of the three children enrolled in the school next year. Betty Murray, whose three children Cornell, Cortez and Chrystal attended the private school under the DC's voucher program, was told that two of her children were not going to be allowed to attend the next school year. The reason: the school was not equipped to handle Cornell and Chrystal's behavioral and academic problems. Murray claims that the school isn't providing the educational assistance promised. So far, so good.

Now, this is where it gets weird.
[Murray] said that the head of the school, Daniel Hollinger, agreed to speak with her Wednesday but left his office through a window as she waited in front of his closed office door.

Hollinger said yesterday that he did not use the window and was not trying to avoid Murray. He met Murray yesterday, and said, "We are working with her to see if it is possible for her children to continue at RCIS and be happy and successful here."


Murray said that as she waited Wednesday for her meeting with Hollinger, school business director Scott Fedder told her that the head of school could not see her after all. When she refused to leave, she said, he called police. She said she opened Hollinger's door and saw that he was gone, the open window his only possible exit.

"You mean to tell me he was not man enough to talk to me?" she recalled asking Fedder. "He sent someone else to do his dirty work?" Hollinger said that he "left the building discreetly" when Murray was not looking and that he is eager for his school to provide a place for students from "any economic situation."

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Mari said...

Isn't that the thing with private schools? Unlike public schools they can kick students out.