Thursday, July 28, 2005

Former DC BoE member's murders sentenced

Terry Hairston served on the DC Board of Education between 1995 and 1998 representing Ward 7. On May 15, 2004 he was murdered by two acquaintances during a botched robbery. Today, after pleading guilty to murder the trigger woman and her accomplice were sentenced:
D.C. Superior Court Judge Rhonda R. Winston today sentenced Dannielle Wayne, 22, to 17 ½ years for her role in killing Hairston during a robbery attempt inside his Southeast Washington home. Winston sentenced co-defendant Arkeeta Hendrick, 21, to 16 ½ years on July 25.

When they pleaded guilty to second-degree murder in April, Wayne and Hendrick admitted accepting Hairston's invitation to his home at 335 Burns St. SE, where they socialized during the early morning hours of May 15, 2004. The women, who had carried concealed handguns into Hairston's home without his knowledge, attempted to rob him as he returned from his kitchen, but a struggle ensued.

Hairston died from a single gunshot wound under his right armpit, which Hendrick admitted inflicting after she was knocked to the ground in an attempt to force Hairston to stop struggling with Wayne. The women attempted to clean up the crime scene before fleeing in Hairston's rental car.
(Hat tip to the Wee Lass for pointing out I had missed this story)

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for this story. Can you now let the citizens whom read your blog know that the 300 block of Burns Street, SE, where Mr. Hairston Lived and was Murdered has been renamed "Terry Hairston Run" the ribbon cutting was performed on July 8th 2006, which was Mr. Hairston"s mothers birthday. It was a joyous event, a lined with the strong men who walked with Mr. Hairston, and the Beautiful Ladies whom raised him. Although many knew of the event, many choose to not attend and the media seemed to not cover such an awesome event. The key players of Mr. Hairston"s last run for office was not in attendance, makes me wonder? were they truly with him? C. Hawkins, I. Reid, Marcus, Ms R. Washington...Where are you! and why weren't you? no matter...The Morehouse Men were in full effect, and the strong fine men of Kappa made his Mom Proud...Thank you to the Family of Mr. Hairston for allowing us to be apart...There was quality in the mist!