Tuesday, August 23, 2005

One third of DCPS principals are new

At a news conference at Gallaudet University yesterday Superintendent Janey announced that one third of DCPS's principals are new this year.
Of the 44 appointments, 23 are people hired from other school systems or an outside principal training program called New Leaders for New Schools.

The number of vacancies was about twice as high as last year, officials said. Six of the openings resulted from resignations, six from dismissals, 13 from retirements and the remainder from promotions or leaves of absence, Janey said.

School officials also emphasized that unlike previous years, all principal vacancies have been filled before the start of the school year.

"It's comforting to know we can start the school year with the staff in place," said Tony Demasi, executive director of the system's human resources department. "This is my fourth year here and the first time we've offered the jobs as early as we did."
It also appears that teacher hiring is also outpeforming previous years.
Nathan Saunders, vice president of the Washington Teachers' Union, said the system is doing a much better job hiring this year. "Historically, the District was making hiring decisions as late as mid- to late August," Saunders said. "This year, they did the bulk of the hiring in June, which is great."

But he said the number of vacancies remains high and demonstrates a high level of teacher dissatisfaction. "The District does a very good job of turning off teachers," Saunders said. "They get frustrated and opt to look for professional opportunities elsewhere."

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