Wednesday, October 12, 2005

BoE considering revoking Jos-Arz Therapeutic's charter

After failing to meet enrollment projections and moving out of a building the city had raised $9 million to refurbish it appears that the Jos-Arz Therapeutic Charter School's days may be numbered. The Board of Education are considering revoking the charter they issued for the school.
But Jos-Arz, chartered in 2000 as a residential school for 70 students, has never enrolled more than 20 students and is no longer operating as a residential program, said Paul Doucette, a spokesman for the management company that ran the school from 2003 until early this year. The school moved out of the Taylor Street building before the summer and is now at 1401 Brentwood Pkwy. NE.

The D.C. school board, which gave the school permission to open and is responsible for monitoring its progress, put Jos-Arz on probation in July, saying the school had violated the conditions and standards set forth in its charter. The board is scheduled today to discuss a recommendation to revoke the charter because the school has not submitted a satisfactory plan for improvements.

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