Monday, October 31, 2005

Patterson revises tax plan

DC Councilwoman Kathleen Patterson has revised her plan to pay for capital improvements to DCPS facilities: an across the board business tax hike.
Patterson, D-Ward 3, the chairman of the council's education committee, said her proposal would still include delaying a planned income tax cut, which would raise the bulk of money - more than $640 million - over the next 10 years.

Patterson's legislation, which was introduced two weeks ago and amended a bill introduced by mayoral candidate Adrian Fenty, D-Ward 1, drew sharp criticism from the city's hotel and tourism industries, which said they were being unfairly targeted.

Patterson met with business and school leaders Tuesday and decided a "modest increase" in the commercial real estate tax was an adequate compromise. A Patterson spokesman said the council member had yet to decide on the extent of the increase.
The Times has an editorial up on Patterson's proposals.

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