Friday, October 07, 2005

Special ed students short on supplies

DC public schools have been back now for about a month, yet according to some special education teachers interviewed by the Post some special education students have yet to receive their textbooks.
The books arrived on time for most general education students. But six special education teachers at different schools across the city said their students, who are taught in separate classrooms, still do not have the material. The teachers said they were told that administrators failed to order the same textbooks for special education students in enough time to assure a prompt delivery.

Chief Academic Officer Hilda L. Ortiz, whose staff oversaw textbook purchases, and Wilma F. Bonner, assistant superintendent for curriculum and instruction, denied that a significant number of students were without books. They said that textbooks were ordered based on a school's total enrollment and that there was not a separate order for special education students.

"At least 90 percent of the special education students have their materials for reading and math," Bonner said. "All the books have been sent to the schools."


Anonymous said...

No, we do not have our books. Yes, a lot of students don't. Yes, you mistreated students with special needs. Yes, these people should be fired. They don't care about children, are ignroant, and hide behind a degree from an inferior university.

I'd like to see the resumes of Oritz and Bonner because I doubt they were ever good teachers, and I also don't doubt they got their jobs not because they were qualified but because they knew someone. Even if all my assumptions are wrong, they DID NOT DO THEIR JOB, they violated IDEA and caused DCPS to be non compliant so they should be fired.


I signed up a form requestiong for textbooks for my special ed students and I am waiting for them.

I attended last summer's training on the textbook review and I was overwhelmed by too much information in the 7th grade book (lowest level of books for my jr hs special ed students) much more my students who are mostly 3-5 years below their current level?

I am recently integrating art and technology in my Special Ed Language Arts class and my students are excited about coming to my class and showing their potentials. I understand that not all of the students are verbal learners; my studnets are mostly visual and easthetic learners. I understand too that the textbook is not the curriculum. I hope there could be some ways for us special ed teachers meet the needs of our students, thereby maximizing their potentials. The answer cannot be found in textbooks.