Thursday, November 03, 2005

"I've got a plan" part [indeterminately big number]

Superintendent Janey is about to unveil his master education plan, which is not to be confused with his five year plan unveiled last May. The difference?
But Janey's master education plan is to provide greater detail than the five-year plan, said Juanita Brooks Wade, director of the D.C. Education Compact, the coalition of business leaders, foundations and parents that helped Janey draft the earlier plan.

The five-year plan gave "Dr. Janey's vision from a view of 30,000 feet. The master education plan is the picture of the school system at 15,000 feet," Wade said.
Issues such as grade configuration (most school districts have only one, DC has three), curricula and the role of charter and magnet schools are to be covered by the plan. Much like the five year plan Janey is looking for input from the community. Public meetings will be held at the following locations:
  • Nov. 9 at Patterson Elementary School, 4399 South Capitol Terrace SW.
  • Nov. 14 at McKinley Technology Senior High, 151 T St. NE
  • Nov. 15 at Cleveland Elementary, 1825 Eighth St. NW.
  • Nov. 17 at Janney Elementary, 4130 Albemarle St. NW
  • Nov. 21 at Kelly Miller Middle, 301 49th St. NE.
Next April a final plan, the master facilities plan, which delves into the nitty gritty of such things as school consolidation and closings, will be delivered.

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