Tuesday, November 29, 2005

McKinley gets a nice piece of equipment

McKinley Technology High School has just installed a brand new Vicon motion capture system.
VICON, developer of Academy Award-winning motion capture technology, announced today that Washington DC public school McKinley Technology High School (MTHS) has become the first-ever secondary school to install a Vicon motion capture system. The new install will support the school's three departments of study: Biotechnology, Interactive Media, and Digital Broadcasting, and will be integrated into its Institute of Video Game Development, a Saturday morning program educating teenagers in videogame development from over 40 schools throughout the DC metropolitan area. McKinley Technology High School has installed a Vicon V6 system, offering its students truly state of the art performance capture capabilities.

MTHS made the decision to purchase a motion capture system because the technology is so widely used in biotech, entertainment and games. "We aim to develop students who are using today's emerging technologies, and not only does this kind of technology capture the imagination of school-age children, it's a great educational tool," said Rick Kelsey, Technology Curriculum Director , McKinley Technology High School.
On this one hand, making high end technology available to public school children is a very good thing. On the other hand, its not as if DCPS doesn't have other, more pressing needs.

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