Tuesday, November 29, 2005

More security shenanigans

The DCPS security contract gets "curiouser and curiouser" (to quote Alice). Quick quiz: what do Designmark Services Inc. and Hawk One Security have in common? Answer: and address, top executives, and a problem with managing finances.
The D.C. government has awarded a no-bid contract to a janitorial business tied up in tax liens worth hundreds of thousands of dollars and linked to the local company that provides security in most city buildings and public schools, government records show.

City officials awarded a $641,000 contract for janitorial services to Designmark Services Inc. on Nov. 1.

The contract, issued on a sole-source basis, was awarded one month after the Internal Revenue Service had filed a tax lien for the second time this year against Designmark.

The IRS' Sept. 1 lien against Designmark showed $88,921 in unpaid taxes during the first quarter of 2005. In March, the IRS filed a lien totaling more than $325,000 for unpaid taxes since 2000, according to documents at the D.C. Office of the Recorder of the Deeds.

Designmark's financial troubles have occurred while city officials and the company's top executives have faced questions about the finances of Hawk One Security Inc., a separate firm that shares the same Northwest address and top executives as Designmark, city records show.

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