Tuesday, November 22, 2005

"We Are Playing Games With Our Future"

A meeting-heavy day today, so posting will be light until this evening. In the meantime, head on over to Mark Lerner's blog who is doing his usual great coverage / commentary about things DC education related. In this post Mark looks at what is being done (or, more to the point, what is not being done) about fixing the problems of public education.


Marc Borbely said...

Mark Lerner's answer to how to fix the public schools is to destroy them. To me, that's not "great coverage / commentary." That's indeed "playing games with out future."

He says: "When are we going to wake up to the reality that the we will only have high performing schools when government gets out of the education business?"

Please. What incentive does anyone besides government have to provide a high-quality education to all children, no matter what it "costs"?

I can't wait until people stop saying that spending money on public schools is a waste of money. On facilities, look at the tremendous things DCPS has done with the money it's gotten over the last 6 years: it's been able to completely rebuild many schools, including my neighborhood elementary school: Miner Elementary.

There are often ways to do things more cheaply. But that's not a reason not to do it at all. The same goes for police, for our defense department etc. No one is calling for government to get out of those areas. Why not? I am all for finding better ways to do things, but not modernizing schools, and not providing kids with a high-quality education in general, because we have some idea it could be done more cheaply, is ridiculous. How much do rich people spend on their own kids' schools? MUCH MUCH MUCH more than has been spent on DCPS. Why do other kids -- in DC, generally black kids -- deserve so much less?

- Marc Borbely

Mark Lerner said...

Mr. Borbely is completely ignoring the thousands of kids socially promoted through D.C. schools who now cannot read, write, or perform basic math. The situation is criminal.

Marc Borbely said...

It is criminal, and all of us should be indicted for our neglect. Where we disagree is on the solution. I haven't given up on public education and refuse to let businesses or private groups "educate" my child (am hoping for a child soon). Look at public education in the suburbs, usually VERY successful. Run by whom? The government. Public schools can work, with proper resources and management, and involvement from the whole city.