Monday, December 12, 2005

Gilmore and BoE butting heads again

David Gilmore, the court appointed administrator of DC's special education transportation, is butting heads with the Board of Education over funding.
The D.C. Board of Education last month rejected a budget request by transportation administrator David Gilmore to set aside $72.8 million for special-education transit costs for fiscal 2006. Instead, the board approved a resolution to budget $61.2 million for the transit program.

Mr. Gilmore, who was appointed in 2003 as part of a federal class-action lawsuit, said it is up to the court, not the school board, to approve his budget.

"It doesn't mean much," Mr. Gilmore said of the board's resolution. "It's an empty gesture in a lot of ways."

The school board's resolution "acknowledges that $61.2 million may be inadequate to run the division of transportation for the entire fiscal year, but the information presented ... is insufficient to support the current $72.8 million budget request."

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Wendy Sefsaf said...

A little off topic here. But as you know, there is a grassroots campaign being led by parents, teachers, students and education advocates to get full, guaranteed and secure funding included in the DC School Modernization Financing Bill. Part of our campaign includes collecting 5,000 signatures to bring the the City Council. Info, including the online petition, can be found at