Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Janey says "sorry"

In response to the ongoing textbook (or lack thereof) debacle Superintendent Janey has apologized to students, parents, teachers and everyone else listening last night at a DC Council hearing on the subject.
Janey said he never said all students would receive their textbooks on time, saying the "ambitious undertaking" was going to have some delays. Janey emphasized that students were not without any textbooks for the past three months, saying principals were ordered to keep last year's books in case of delays.

"This doesn't mean there weren't teaching materials in the classroom," Janey said. "There was no wholesale abandonment of educational materials."

While admitting problems, Janey said the delays should not overshadow the system's progress - including the hiring of 44 new principals, 400 new teachers and the completion of $12 million in school repairs.

D.C. Council Member Carol Schwartz, R-at Large, said how can the council trust the school system if it can't do the "smallest things" - referring to a $2 billion modernization proposal the council is expected to consider early next year.
UPDATE: More at the Post.

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