Saturday, January 14, 2006

Facilities funding bill passes committee

The bill to fund DCPS facility upgrades to the tune of $1 billion has passed the DC Council's Finance committee. The bill was modified by an amendment proposed by Council member Jack Evans to have the financing be provided from sales tax revenue instead of raising business and cigarette taxes and delaying a previously passed tax cut as laid out in the original legislation. However, if the sales tax revenues fall short of expectation educatin committee chair Kathy Patterson would like the council to revert to the original funding plan.

Evans is also concerned about how the funds will be spend and is recommending the District hire professional development / construction companies to oversee the project.
Patterson said the bill already mandates an "advisory" panel be formed, including nominees from the mayor, council, school board and the CFO's office but is "open to suggestions."
UPDATE: The Post has more.

And Casey Lartigue has some thoughts on the issue.

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