Monday, January 09, 2006

Good news on the AP front

In 2005 the participation rate in AP testing of students in DCPS schools increased according to the Post's Challenge Index.
The participation rate for D.C. schools, calculated as the number of college-level tests per graduating senior, went from 0.776 in 2004 to 0.820 in 2005, an increase of almost 6 percent.

Wilson High in Northwest went from 666 to 775 Advanced Placement tests, raising its rating on the Challenge Index to 2.541, the highest ever attained by the school. It achieved the higher percentage without any decline in the passing rate on the AP tests, which remained at 51 percent.

Wilson Principal Stephen Tarason said the feat was the result of continued efforts to lure more students into the AP courses and tests, which can result in college credit and improve a student's chances of graduating from college. At the same time, teachers found extra time for students to prepare. "The teachers are just outstanding, they are really dedicated," said Tarason, describing study sessions at lunchtime and after school.

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