Sunday, January 22, 2006

Master plan update

A couple of items regarding Superintendent Janey's Master Plan for DCPS schools. First, it looks as if its unveiling is going to be delayed by about a month. According to the Common Denominator the planned public presentation scheduled for Jan. 24th has been canceled and will rescheduled for sometime in the latter half of February.
"Based on a close review of draft recommendations, board members and I agreed that we needed to spend the necessary time clarifying the budgetary implications of the plan," Janey said.

The revised timetable for presenting the superintendent's master plan is expected to coincide with presentation of the proposed fiscal 2007 operating budget for the school system.

"It is important that we are able to cost out new proposals in the plan and share the financial implications with our stakeholders and the entire community," Cafritz said.
Next, the Post has a report on just what we should expect in the master plan. The overall theme seems to be, if the Post is to be believed, that Janey will push for a more decentralized structure for the District schools.
Janey wants to replace the top-down, authoritarian approach of the central office with a user-friendly, service-oriented system that shifts much of the decision making power to the schools.

He wants schools, many of which have been hemorrhaging students every year, to become neighborhood hubs of activity that offer the community such services as medical and dental care, job training and recreational activities.

And he wants to vastly expand programs for gifted and talented students, spreading them throughout the city rather than confining them to a few specialty schools.

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Tom said...

Do you know why Angela Tilghman is no longer lsited on the Miner Elementary website as its principal?