Saturday, January 07, 2006

Project Northstar update

Good news for Project Northstar's tutoring program at Hine Junior High: it has been reinstated.
Program officials filed another building-use agreement with the school system in late December but were uncertain until yesterday about its status.

Mr. Carome said school officials were also concerned about Northstar's calling some of the tutored students "at-risk" and were reviewing the need for additional security.

Mr. Carome said the students are "at-risk" for homelessness, not criminal adjudication, and that school officials finished the application once they learned the distinction.

School officials previously suggested that Northstar pay security and custodial-services fees to remain at Hine. But Mr. Carome said yesterday the fees would not have to be paid. "We basically have the same agreement we used to have," he said.

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