Monday, January 30, 2006

Title Basketball Championship game loses city funding, finds other

The District's Title Basketball Championship game, which for years has pitted the best of DCPS vs. the best of the area's Catholic schools, looked like it would lose its high profile venue (at least temporarily) as D.C. Sports and Entertainment Commission had withdrawn its funding. The game, which draws thousands of spectators annually, has always been held at large venues such as Cole Field House and the MCI Center. But without the funding afforded by DCSEC the game cannot be held at such high-profile locations. Enter D.C. Council member Vince Gray:
"We needed $25,000 to do this and together, we've been able to raise this money ... to put this game in the proper venue this year," D.C. Council member Vince Gray said Friday on WTOP's Political Program with Mark Plotkin.

Gray did not say where the game will take place, but said money from the Children Youth Investment Trust Corporation will help provide for a venue larger than a school gymnasium.

The possibility that this year's Title Basketball Championship game would be played in a high school gymnasium was a "travesty," Gray said.

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