Friday, February 10, 2006

Janey unveils new science standards

Almost a year after DCPS adopted a new set of math and reading standards Superintendent Janey is proposing a new set of science standards to go with them.
The proposed science standards were based mostly on learning guidelines used in Indiana but also on standards in California and Massachusetts, Janey said.

The school board agreed to advance the proposal to the public hearing process, which will begin next month. Board members are expected to take a final vote on the proposal in the spring.

In the next month or so, Janey plans to propose social studies standards.


The Indiana science standards for elementary and middle school grades are designed to cover most areas of the subject -- including life science, earth science and physical science -- every year, said Becky Carter, science consultant for the state's Department of Education. Previously, she said, the schools focused on only one area for the entire year, increasing the chance that students will forget about the themes not covered.

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dcbubble said...

At least Janey is showing some badly needed leadership. Lets hope he does not blow the modernization funds.