Tuesday, February 21, 2006

New private school joins voucher program

The Coeus International School, founded by DC education veteran J. Daniel Hollinger (who founded Rock Creek International School 18 years ago), is the latest private school to join the District's voucher program. It is first to do so as a newly formed entity.
Coeus officials said the school is another possibility for students trying to earn an education through the federally funded voucher program, particularly those who have scholarships but cannot find space in the city's few non-public high schools.

"One of the primary reasons for [founding the school] was to create new opportunities for students in the D.C. metropolitan area," Mr. Hollinger said. "And the [vouchers] program is serving children, it's serving families and it's serving schools."

The curriculum at the 15-teacher, 100-student school will include dual-language immersion in Arabic, French, Mandarin and Spanish and will focus on experiential learning inside and outside the classroom, Mr. Hollinger said. He said the interconnected curriculums at Coeus will offer students a unique learning opportunity.

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