Friday, February 17, 2006

Patterson to charters: "All your property belongs to us"

DC Council member Kathy Patterson has introduced Bill 16-624: "Public Charter School Assets and Facilities Preservation Amendment Act of 2006" to the Council. So, what does this bill do?
[Amend] the District of Columbia Public Charter School Act of 1996 and the District of Columbia School Reform Act of 1995 to provide that net assets, including facilities, not owned by the charter school prior to receipt of a charter, remaining after a charter is revoked, voluntarily relinquished, or not renewed, be deemed the property of the District of Columbia. Councilmember Patterson, to the Committee on Education, Libraries and Recreation.
Basically, if a charter school closes for what ever reasons, after paying off debts any assets that the charter school acquired after it received its charter would become the property of the District of Columbia. Imagine if the District did the same with your property. If you decided to move out of the District the DC gov't took the profit you made from selling your house, your car and all of your furniture.FOCUS head Robert Crane has some comments on bill as well.
The bill raises many questions, including whether the Council has the authority to amend the congressionally-passed School Reform Act and whether the provisions of the bill will make it more difficult for charter schools to obtain facilities financing.

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