Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Ward 5 school to get cell tower?

Is a Ward 5 school about to lease space for a cell phone tower? Apparently overheard on WPFW this morning was discussion of a District elementary school that will allow a cell tower to be built on the ground of their playground for $10,000. This is completely unconfirmed at the time; I will post any updates as I find them out.

(hat tip the Wee Lass)


Anonymous said...

DCPS has a contract with all of the major carriers to build towers on DCPS property. It is all managed through the USACOE. It is actually in the DC zoning code that schools should be used first for towers. This isn't a bad thing.

Anonymous said...

Thx Anon - that's a worthwhile clarification indeed.

FWIW, if I lived in the immediate neighborhood of the school, I'd still expect to be WELL informed (as in, from as many sources as possible).