Monday, February 20, 2006

WTU election faulted

Last years Washington Teacher's Union election, the first to follow the embezzlement scandal, has come under fire from the Department of Labor.
The Labor Department says the 4,500-member union should be forced to hold a new election under the supervision of the federal government, according to a lawsuit it filed against the union in U.S. District Court last week.

The union "failed to mail a ballot to each member in good standing ... denying those members the right to vote," the department's complaint states.

In addition, the union allowed ineligible voters to cast ballots, and officials failed to mail election notices to members 15 days before the election as required by federal law, according to the department.

"The violations ... may have affected the outcome of the defendant's elections," the complaint states.
For an organization trying to regain its members', not to mention the community's, trust this is precisely the wrong way of going about it.

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