Thursday, March 23, 2006

AppleSeed issues report card on DC gov't and HIV/AIDS

The DC AppleSeed Center for Law and Justice has issued its first report card monitoring the District of Columbia government's progress addressing the HIV/AIDS epidemic. The report covers the entire DC government, but DCPS does get a score all of its own; a B-.
Adopt system-wide health education standards, including HIV/AIDS prevention

Developing curriculum standards is an important first step in ensuring that all DCPS students have access to comprehensive, evidenced-based health education that includes needed HIV prevention tools. Once standards are finalized, educational programming must meet those standards, ensuring that community-based organizations operating in schools provide effective evidence-based education.

The resolution passed by the School Board to enhance HIV/AIDS policy for DCPS called for the adoption of system-wide health education standards. The CDC-funded HIV/AIDS Education Program Director is now working closely with the DCPS Executive Director for Health, Physical Education, and Athletics in revising DCPS' health education standards. They are engaging CBOs and other key stakeholders to provide feedback on the development of these standards, which are slated for review during the Summer/Fall 2006. Although these standards are not expected to be finalized until the 2007/2008 school year, DCPS plans to develop interim standards for the 2006/2007 school year.
The next report card is scheduled to be released by AppleSeed in the fall.

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