Monday, March 20, 2006

DCPS to create cabinet level health administrator

DCPS is about to expand its health-related policies in the coming weeks, according to the Examiner. In a city where it is believed that one in 20 residents have HIV/AIDS the school district is proposing to expand its health education program to aid in curtailing the spread of the disease.
D.C. Public Schools is expected to release a sweeping health policy next week that will create a Cabinet-level school health administrator and implement an HIV/AIDS awareness program in classrooms.

The D.C. Board of Education is pushing school administrators to reinvigorate the system’s health education programs in hopes of halting the spread of HIV/AIDS among youths.

“The community had gone to sleep on this issue and we needed to be awakened,” said Carolyn Graham, vice chair of the Board of Education and chair of the ad hoc committee.

The board has scheduled a public hearing on the new policy for April 7.

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