Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Keep your eye on the prize

The conservative journal Human Events Online takes a look at the 2003 state-by-state, per-student spending and matches them up with each state's score for student proficiency. The result: depressing.
D.C.'s public elementary and secondary schools spent a total of $16,334 per student in the 2002-2003 school year, according to a Department of Education study. That compares to the $10,520 tuition at St. John's College High School, a District Catholic school that sends almost all its graduates to four-year colleges.

Last year, however, only 12% of 8th-graders in the District's public schools scored at grade-level proficiency or better in reading in the federal National Assessment of Educational Progress tests that were administered in the District and all 50 states. Only 7% of the District's public-school 8th-graders scored grade-level proficiency or better in math.
Now, this is where I throw in the "its not quite apples to apples to compare states comprised of many urban, suburban and rural districts to a single urban district," but can anyone District resident look at that data and not be ashamed? We already know that per-student figure is going to rise in the coming years (from both fresh funds and, assuming the trend isn't reversed, fewer students); let us hope that Janey, et al can do the same for DCPS's students education.

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