Monday, March 27, 2006

More on school closings

Brutal day of work, so posting will most likely be light. Over at the blog DC Bubble they're thinking about how Janey's going to choose which schools to close. And Ward 5 DC Council candidate Joe Harris is trying to gather support for a "Call for Community Support Against the Closing of Schools in Ward 5" (From the Bloomingdale listserv)
To All Ward 5 residents, I would ask you to join me in my efforts to stop the closing of public schools in our Ward by contacting DCPS (202 442-4226 Dr. Janey) and our local elected officials

This is in response to a recent announcement by DC Public Schools of their intentions to possibly close some 30 schools, of which there are seven schools identified in Ward 5. Based on the criteria of low enrollment, DCPS has determined that the Ward 5 schools listed below fall within these guidelines, notices of pending closure are scheduled to begin going out to schools as soon in early April 2006. The schools in Ward 5 include

Elementary Schools: Brookland, Slowe, Emery, and Cook

Middle/Jr. High Schools: Backus and Brown (Please note, there are only 3 middle schools in the entire ward and closing these two would leave our 6-8 graders with only one DCPS middle school option)

High Schools: Spingarn

While everyone may have their own opinion of the DCPS system, I hope that we can all agree that closing schools in most cases to make room for more urban development, is negligent at best! I am of the belief that closing our schools is not the answer, as good schools create safer neighborhoods, increase home values, and build stronger communities.

Please join me in my efforts.

Joe Harris
Ward 5 Resident, Homeowner, Parent and Candidate for Ward 5 City Council in 2006
Looks like the battle lines over school closings are being drawn (along with getting a candidate's name out linked to a hot button election issue.... but I digress).

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