Thursday, March 16, 2006

Someone may have shot at a school bus

Yesterday at the corner of First and Florida NW it appears as if someone shot at a District school bus with a BB or pellet gun, causing windows in the bus and two parked cars nearby to shatter.
The bus driver, Richard Smith, said he had just picked up a student at an apartment building on Q Street Northwest and turned onto First Street. He said he was going to Meyer Elementary School.

Smith said the shots were fired as he was crossing the intersection.

"As soon as I stopped for the traffic and took off, I heard two shots. They hit the first two windows and then as I was pulling off, I heard the last shot. It hit the rear window," Smith said. "The kids started screaming. I sped up a little bit to get across the light, then I pulled over."

Smith said there were four kids on board the bus, ranging in age from 6 to 9 years old, but they were not injured. The attendant on the bus was hit in the hand, suffering a minor injury.
Police believe the shots may have come from one of the apartment buildings on that block. First and Florida is pretty much my back yard, and trouble is not uncommon to a block of apartments bounded by First, 3rd, Florida and Q streets. If this was someone taking pot shots with a BB gun and not just a freak accident from rocks being thrown up by traffic then I hope the police find the culprits and the justice system comes down very, very hard on them. The neighborhood has lots of kids who are walking to school around that time of the day and someone, either in the bus or a pedestrian, could have gotten seriously hurt.

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Maybe it was birdshot. Have Dick Cheney's whereabouts been accounted for?