Monday, March 20, 2006

Teachers are having parking problems

Teachers are finding that they're having the same problems as everyone else who does business in the District: parking sucks. In part due to the city's newfound crackdown on parking teachers along with the lack of sufficient parking at school facilities teachers are finding that they have to move their cars every few hours to avoid being ticketed in the neighborhoods where they work.
He has heard complaints that some teachers have to leave their schools during the day to avoid tickets, or else they have to park as many as five blocks away, Mr. Hogan says.

"This has been a problem for about a year now," says Mr. Hogan, who became aware of the issue as a member of the education committee of Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) 1A.

"It's a huge problem, it's killing the teachers," says D.C. Council member Jim Graham, Ward 1 Democrat whose jurisdiction includes Columbia Heights. "It wasn't always a problem. It used to be that they could park there all day because nobody was ticketing in these neighborhoods. But now we've got a lot of people ticketing out there."

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